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Drawing by Marilyn Jonas, All Rights Reserved

Drawing by Marilyn Jonas, All Rights Reserved

What would your life be like with more ease and less pain and discomfort, with more joy and less stress, with more energy and less fatigue?

By gaining insights, strategies, and tools, you can positively impact your quality of life and have the life you were meant to live.

That is what I want for you!

Explore this website and find what resonates with you.

I am a licensed physical therapist with a private practice, which at its core, is grounded in the mind-body connection.

My work encompasses many modalities ranging from structural techniques to energetic therapies.

I offer both individual sessions and classes aimed at physical and emotional healing.

My passion is helping others live their best life possible. I believe that by partnering with you, a life full of grace, comfort and self-compassion can be achieved.

Robin G. Eisen, M.S., P.T.